End-of-Winter Maintenance

For road cleaning to walkway sweeping, MultiOne loaders are the best all-in-one solution for any property and street maintenance needs.

Clean parking lots, sidewalks, loading docks, warehouses, and more with the Multione.

Sweeper, Street Washer, High Pressure Washer and others 170+ attachments make MultiOne the right choice to sweep off debris, dust and much more!


Whether traveling forward or backwards, this attachment quickly and quietly sweeps and collects dirt and debris, and easily dumps out the refuse. Perfect system for cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, loading docks, warehouses, and more. The MultiOne sweeper is equipped with a floating attachment bracket and 4 support wheels that guarantee smooth and easy sweeping operations. The sweeping angle is manually adjusted.
This sweeper is available with collection box and a dust reduction water spray system as optional.
• Empty the collection box using the MultiOne auxiliary control lever.
• Dust reduction water spray system is made up of a 12V electric pump, spray nozzles, and a 70 L (18.5 gal) water tank.
• A single 500 mm (20 in) hydraulically driven side brush can be mounted  on the right side of the collection box.


MultiOne Street Washer is the best solution for quickly cleaning public roads, town centers, car parks, market squares, large industrial areas, resort walkways, and wherever hygiene is required.

  • High water pressure
  • The spray bar can be tilted up at 90°
  • Includes a hand spray wand with 10 m (32 ft) hose on a storage reel
  • High capacity tank


High pressure washers are perfect for cleaning construction sites and general maintenance. The powerful 170 bar (2,465
psi) pressure jet cleans dirt, built up and dry mud, waxes, oils, grease, strips old paint, and more from any surface.
This pressure washer system, combined with the on-board 200 l (53 gal) water tank, makes cleaning buildings and graffiti removal an efficient process.
Using MultiOne’s hydraulic power and portability, this self contained pressure washer system effectivly works in remote locations.


Solar Panel washer MultiOne
mini excavator weed brush
leaf vacuum attachment for mini loader multione
Mini loader street washer attachment Multione
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Multione-high-pressure-washer-for mini loader
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high volume bucket for mini loader multione
Combo Bucket by MultiOne featured and COB image