11 Series

The new MultiOne flagship. The new market benchmark.
11 series come with all the new astonishing MultiOne features like OneDrive, Cruise Control, ACI and
Unbreakable Body Panels.
And of top of that, 11 series sets a new stand of high speed, tipping load, and lifting height.
Simply the best in class multifunctional compact loader.

EZ Series

Innovation is a consolidated MultiOne’s strong value. Environmental awareness is constantly growing and electromobility is not anymore a futuristic vision: it is reality.

These facts has driven us to design a full electric version of our best seller 8 series.
The target was to guarantee the same performance in an electrically operated machine as our diesel mini loaders.
This was achieved: MultiOne Emission Zero series is reality.

mini loader multione 6 series sub

6 Series

MultiOne 6 series are the most compact version of the new generation of MultiOne articulated mini loaders.

The incredibile small size is much more extraordinary if compared to the lifting capacity of these small but powerful mini loaders.

mini loader multione 7 series sub

7 Series

MultiOne 7 series is the winning combination of power and agility.

The powerful engine and the direct drive radial piston motors give great pushing force.
The new frame and telescopic boom assure high lifting capacity and agility.

mini loader multione 8 series sub

8 Series

MultiOne 8 series is the best solution in the market of articulated mini loaders for who needs all the incredible features of the new MultiOne series plus high torque and high speed.