The hydraulically powered MultiOne sprayer is the proper attachment for the fast and efficient application of landscaping chemicals. NOTE: MultiOne recommends that the operator wear the appropriate personal protection equipment when handling and applying landscaping chemicals.
The foldable 4.5 m (14.75 ft) wide spray bar, combined with the 120 l (31.7 US gal) tank allow for fast coverage of large areas. Spray nozzles are replaceable and adjustable to assure the proper material application, making this system ideal for landscape and grass area maintenance.
This unit comes standard with a 50 m (165 ft) hose reel with an application wand and nozzle. It is also possible to reach the most inaccessible places, such as the tree tops. System pressure and flow are adjustable to meet application requirements.
There are filter and a small separate water tank with a tap useful to wash the hands.


  • Fast application for large areas
  • Flow and pressure adjustable
  • Foldable spray bar
  • Equipped with a hand held spray wand with a
    50 m (165 ft) hose