MultiOne hive handler is intended basically for loading and transporting of beehive boxes, but it can handle other objects like cardboard boxes as well.

The mover can carry many beehives at a time.
It consists of a frame, a pallet fork that is mounted on the lower end of the frame, and a hydraulic grapple at the upper end of the frame which presses the boxes against the pallet fork.
The beehive mover can be mounted on MultiOne loaders, and if the beehives need to be transported longer distances by truck it is easy to take the MultiOne on the truck as well and unload and move the beehives at the destination.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and the maneuverability of the MultiOne machines, it will be possible to move the hives even in the most inaccessible and steep places where other machines could not reach.
It will also be possible to pass along the narrow rows of orchards to collect fruit crates.

Both the lower forks are adjustable in width and liftable to facilitate transport

Note: C890335 required. Not compatible with back stop.


  • Fast and easy way to load and transport beehive boxes but also cardboard boxes and similar objects
  • Hydraulic load lock
  • Foldable forks with adjustable width