The powerful hydraulic auger drive unit, combined with various auger diameters, provide excellent flexibility in all soil types. The auger is the ideal accessory to perform holes for fences, poles for vineyards, for tree planting, for the installation of pillars or streetlights in all types of terrain.

The auger drive is available in three versions:

  • T1 for normal soil conditions
  • T2 for hard, rocky ground, used with augers up to 50 cm (20 in)
  • T3 for hard, rocky ground, used with augers up to 100 cm (40 in)

A large variety of augers are also available with replaceable tungsten teeth for the most difficult terrains, and it is also possible to install extensions, each 1 m long, to reach greater digging depths. The augers are equipped with a special joint that allows to make a perfectly vertical hole no matter how the machine is positioned. The auger combined with the high hydraulic flow of MultiOne machines allows you to drill holes quickly in any terrain.


  • Wide range of auger drive units with different torques enables efficient use of 10 cm (4 in) to 100 cm (40 in) augers
  • Augers with tungsten teeth available