The MultiOne aerial work platform is attached to the MultiOne by the coupling plate. This makes it fast and easy to mount in on and take it off. Thanks to the small size and the maneuverability of MultiOne machines it is possible to reach even the most inaccessible work sites. This portable platform is suitable for building repairs, painting, light bulb replacement, general maintenance, and more.
The safe working load for the aerial work platform is 120 kg (265 lbs), which makes it ideal for one man and plenty of tools. This platform is a cost effective system that enables reaching working heights up to 9,8 m (32 ft). The platform is equipped with four adjustable support legs for stabilization even on very rough and not perfectly flat surfaces. It can be operated either directly from the basket or from the ground (in case of emergency). There is a safety valve that can be operated to bring the basket back to the ground in the event of a power failure.


  • Safe and legal way to do building repairs, painting, light bulb changes etc.
  • MultiOne carries the platform anywhere
  • Indipendent from external power source
  • The maximum allowed load on the basket is 120 kg and you are able to use the lift alone.