MultiOne @ Bauma 2016

MultiOne @ Bauma 2016

MultiOne, the leader company in the production of articulated multipurpose miniloaders presents a wide range of new products at the most important construction fair in the world dedicated to construction machines: Bauma 2016.

At Bauma 2016, the most important international manifestation dedicated to building machines and that will host more than 500.000 visitors from 200 different countries, people will see the latest news presented by MultiOne srl: the new series and some of the new attachments dedicated to the building and construction fields.

At stand 715/2, in the open area of the 605.000 square meters wide Munich exhibition area, visitors will be able to see at work in the dedicated demo area our new MultiOne mini loaders with telescopic boom. Those who will come at MultiOne stand will know the incredible new performances of the new series, see the unmistakeable design and see first-hand the quality that has always marked our products. Thanks to the new series MultiOne has definitely marked its importance as a basis for comparison for all multifunctional machines producers and has at the same time created a product that can be considered the best alternative to skid steer in the construction field.

With respect to the “old” concept of skid steer MultiOne presents undeniable advantages that are immediately recognizable and that can be summarised as follows:

  • The telescopic boom ensures an outreach and a lifting capacity (both for height and for weight lifted) that no one else can give;
  • the new structure ensures an incredible agility and stability while driving that allow MultiOne to get where other machines simply can’t;
  • the endothermic and hydraulic engines offer an outstandig speed together with an incredible traction in any condition and on any ground;
  • the design, the ergonomic disposition of the controls and the ease with which they can be used make the heaviest job more comfortable;
  • finally, the incredible range of attachments makes of MultiOne the perfect machine for any need.

All the benefits have as a result a significant saving in terms of time and money and in a great increase in terms of production. This is a winning combination, especially nowadays, when investments have to be focused on profit.

This constant attention for the customer is the reason why starting from this year MultiOne have activated a special line dedicated to assistance. This service was powered to avoid down time, which are already very short thanks to the quality of components and to MultiOne construction techniques..

During Bauma 2016 MultiOne staff will be at your disposal to explain all the advantages and guide the visitors towards the model that best suits their needs. This is a necessary help seen the width of the range offered: thanks to the new series MultiOne is now the most complete in its field. It includes solutions that go from 12 hp (tipping load of 250 kg) of the 1 series to the 78 hp of 10.9 (with a max lifting capacity of 2700 kg vs 2100 kg weight) through 6 series with 20 different models.

Bauma 2016 is the right occasion to find out which MultiOne is the right one for your needs, which MultiOne and which attachments represent the best solution to face and win the most challenging situations in everyday life.

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