Designed for professional level green space maintenance, the MultiOne Tornado mower with the internal clipping catcher effectively cuts dry and wet grass. Using the patented MultiOne Tornado, in a single pass you can cut, pick-up, and collect the clippings in the internal catcher with no noise or dust.
The blades of the mower crush the grass clippings, leaves etc. into a very fine material which then moves to the collector. The cutting waste is ideal material for composting.
Collector capacity is as big as 250 litres, which enables cutting of small to medium sized areas.
Emptying of the collector is very easy: lift the mower up from the ground with MultiOne’s boom and then tilt the mower downward so much that the grass waste pushes the lid open and the waste comes out.
The collector can be easily unloaded directly into a trailer.
Thanks to its excellent suction power, collecting of leaves from the lawns is also possible.
Note: suggested floating boom valve on machine.


  • Powerful lawn mower with internal clipping catcher
  • Can also be used to collect tree leaves on lawns
  • New floating system guarantees easy operation and good mowing result also on uneven lawns
  • Low noise emissions and not dust
  • Rounded edges – less damage to trees, buildings etc. in case of contact
  • Automatic stop valve – stops the blades when the Tornado is lifted off the ground