MultiOne mini loader is the perfect tool for green care, thanks to it’s low ground impact and ease of operation.

Tornado Lawn Mower is the patented lawn mower with collection system designed for demanding professional.

A MultiOne 6.3+  with a Tornado Lawn Mower is the winning combination outperforming any ride on lawnmower in terms of speed and volume.

Thanks to the articulated steering combined with the hydraulic drive system, you can drive on lawns, paving and sensitive surfaces with very low ground impact and no damage from the tyres. The articulated chassis and up front seating position grant amazing manoeuvrability in tight spaces and with all round visibility.

MultiOne 6.3+

  • Telescopic Boom

    Tipping load up to 1,200 kg, telescopic extends up to 2,9 meter


    Multione features 170+ attachments, from lawn care to telescopic handling, to aerial man lift in a matter of seconds


    Each independent wheel follows the ground and the motion, leaving no skid marks behind


    Excellent full 360° Visibility

  • tornado lawn mower for mini loader
  • tornado lawn mower for mini loader

Tornado Lawn Mower

Designed for professional level green space maintenance, the MultiOne Tornado Law Mower with the internal clipping catcher effectively cuts dry and wet grass. Using the patented MultiOne Tornado, in a single pass you can cut, pick-up, and collect the clippings in the internal catcher with no noise or dust. The catcher can be easily unloaded directly into a trailer.


  • Powerful lawn mower with internal clipping catcher
  • Can also be used to collect tree leaves on lawns


Multione-rotary-tiller_for mini loader
hydraulic bio shredder attachment for mini loader multione
Log Splitter for mini loaders MultiOne
Log grab for mini loaders MultiOne
Mini Loader Winch attachment Multione
mini auger for tree multione
Power Harrow for mini loaders MultiOne
core aerator attachment for mini loader multione
Spike aerator attachment for mini loader multione
Vase clamp for mini loaders MultiOne Featured Image
Hedge Trimmer for mini loaders MultiOne Featured Image
Sickle bar mower for mini loaders MultiOne 04
Mini excavator lawn mower
Multione-inter-row-mower-for mini loader
Tipping dumper attachment for mini loader Multione
Multione-double-blades-hedge-trimmer-for mini loader
Multione-power-plough for mini loader
Multione-power-rake-for mini loader
ripper attachment for mini loader multione
Multione-pallet-fork-with-side-shift-for mini loader
Combo Bucket by MultiOne featured and COB image